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Friday, November 12, 2004

No, Georgia, There Isn't a Santa Claus 

Yahoo! News - Ga. Evolution Dispute Embarrasses Some
First, Georgia's education chief tried to take the word "evolution" out of the state's science curriculum. Now a suburban Atlanta county is in federal court over textbook stickers that call evolution "a theory, not a fact." Some here worry that Georgia is making itself look like a bunch of rubes or, worse, discrediting its own students.

"People want to project the image that Georgia is a modern state, that we're in the 21st century. Then something like this happens," said Emory University molecular biologist Carlos Moreno.

The federal lawsuit being heard this week in Atlanta concerns whether the constitutional separation of church and state was violated when suburban Cobb County school officials placed the disclaimer stickers in high school biology texts in 2002. The stickers say evolution should be "critically considered."
Yes, it should .All scientific theory should be critically considered. For example, that silly theory that the sun is the center of the galaxy. It should be critically considered. And the theory that the earth is not supported on the backs of giant elephants. Please, consider that critically.
Those who support the Cobb County stickers testified this week that they are aiming for a more open-minded education for students.

"I think the (evolution) theory is atheistic. And it's all that's presented. It's an insult to their intelligence that they're only taught evolution," said Marjorie Rogers, the parent who first complained about the biology texts.
Well, gee, that sure sounds open-minded to me. Oh, wait, no -- no, it doesn't. The theory of evolution is not atheistic. Non-biblical is not synonymous with atheistic. I happen to know several Christians or other people of faith who have no difficulty reconciling the probability that the earth is several billion years old or that species developed over several million years with their faith that there is a diety controlling it all. And while I consider that belief (shall-we-say) misguided, I can at least appreciate that they are to some degree employing the scientific imperical method to their opinion of the origins of life.

It's science class. Everything in science class should be based on science. Science gave us the lightbulb and space flight. Religion didn't. Science works, Georgia, and it always starts with theory.



Life Goes On 

A beautiful young lady who I have known only peripherally for some time, tonight asked me how my writing is coming. I didn’t even know she knew my name let alone that I was a writer. She told me that she writes as well and said she would like to read some of my writings. She went on to ask about my writing habits and what all I had published. Her interest seemed genuine and (to tell the truth) was more than a little flattering. So tonight, for the first time in over a year, I cracked open the ol’ .doc of my novel and did a little editing.

I may just have a new crit buddy. And a really really pretty one at that.

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