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Thursday, November 30, 2006

True Story? 

Commercials for the film "The Nativity" are calling it "the true story." Well, it may be the truest to the source of any film ever made of this fantasy, calling the story itself a "true story" is something of a stretch.

There is no historical record outside the gospels of there ever having been a census called by any Caesar of the Roman empire, let alone one which demanded that men return to their place of origin to be counted.

There is no non-biblical historical record that any of the kings known as Herod ever ordered the murder of the male children.

Magi would have known what constitutes a star. After all, they knew the difference between stars and planets, and a beacon assuming a terrestrial stationary position could never be considered a star.

Of course there's more, but this should be enough. It's not the true story of the birth of Jesus any more than the movie "Titanic" was the true story of the death of Jack Dawson.

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