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Sunday, April 12, 2009

All Good Liars Go To Heaven 

This idiotic ad is the latest assault on gay marriage.

There have been numerous replies to this idiocy. Some point out the lies and half truths in the ad itself, such as this reply:

Still others are noting that the people in the ad are not who they claim to be:

The thing is, these people are liars using lies to promote a religiously held idea. The obvious underlying inference is that the ideas themselves are unsupportable because the religious philosophies upon which they are based are bogus and are therefore themselves unsupportable.

The problem with religion is not just that it is unprovable. It's not just that it is delusion on a mass scale. Unsupportable delusions are fine if they only affect the person who chooses to adhere to them. The problem is that people who do choose to adhere to these delusional falsehoods feel that it is their right to impose the rules of their delusions on other people. And they will resort to lying to do so. They have to resort to lying. There is no other way to promote a false delusion onto others.

The sad part is that they actually think there's a God out there who will reward them in the afterlife for being such good liars.

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