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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Origins of Life 

Fundies like to argue that life is too complex to have begun without divine intervention. Ben Stein has been going around to numerous interviews touting his creationist movie saying that scientists argue that life began as "a spec of dust hit by lightening" which is a lie and a ridiculous oversimplification, but whatever.

Years ago, in the 1950s scientists showed that given the right set of conditions, simple proteins will form from acids and other chemicals. But amazingly, a new team of researchers is on the brink of having actual proto-cells form in what amounts to a huge test tube.

And they are also going to force these proto-cells to evolve into different forms of proto-life. This will once and for all prove that evolution theory is plausible. In fact, it will demonstrate beyond any doubt that God's hand was not necessary at all in the earliest events leading to life on our planet.

Now, does this prove that there is no God? No. It proves that God is unnecessary, which is good enough.

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