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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Forward Up 

I have placed the Forward to Overlord online. You can read it here.

The rest of the story will come a chapter at a time beginning soon.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Go, Sibel! Go! 

By the way, my girl Sibel Edmonds is still making waves despite the gag order. I hope she continues embarrassing Gonzales the way she embarrassed Ashcroft. This administration needs to be exposed a little more every day.

From the story:
In the enigmatic fashion that has characterized all of Edmonds’ under-the-gag-order limited disclosures, the outspoken whistleblower claims in the Jan. 28 interview that “...the criminal activities which I complained about were also threatening the Turkish people’s interest and Turkish national security.”
Fucking A right!


A Brief Comment About Comments 

Blogger has a new system to allow comments. I had been using Haloscan, but blogger stopped letting me use their script. So I am trying to change the template html so that it will allow comments directly through blogger.

Should I manage to accomplish this, I am imposing a new rule. All comments are fair game. You can say anything you want about anything you want, and I will not delete it. Want to tell me that I am wrong about this being a God-free universe; feel free. Want to tell me that George Bush is the greatest president since Washington; you're wrong as can be, but feel free to say it.

However, there will be one exception. Any comments about my marriage or divorce that I dislike for any reason will be stricken.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Cover Art 

The cover art for my novella, Overlord, is now finished. A small version will greet the viewer on each page in the sidebar, and a full size version will be on the first page. Here is the sidebar image:
The full sized image can be seen here. Those are actual pokeweed berries in the skull's mouth. Pokeweed is the poison used in the story.


Monday, February 14, 2005

A Valentine's Wish 

By the way, yes, I am still very much in love with my new ex-wife. I could not and would not delay her divorce as I would not wish to keep her married to me against her will, so I am no longer her husband. However, I cannot stop loving her nor can I stop hoping for an eventual reconciliation, but I am not going to wait for that. I am moving on with my life and have begun dating.

Should I meet someone, and should I again fall in love; then and only then will I close that door. In the meantime, sweetheart, the door is open. We can still try again. I love you and always will. Happy Valentine's Day.

Ever Forward 

I wrote the forward to my novella this weekend. I decided to have Jana, a character from the stories, tell the story of how the narrator came to write the exploits of the detective character. By doing it that way, I was able to give a rough outline of the two preceding novels and hopefully build a little interest. I was also able to squeeze in some biographical background on the two primary characters.

My stories are actually a pastiche of a mystery series that was written in the middle of the 20th century. Those novels were themselves a pastiche of the Sherlock Holmes stories. It is speculated that the protagonist in the stories I am parodying was (in deep background) the illegitimate son of Holmes. With that as my starting premise, my detective is the grandson of the character in the later series, and the narrator is the daughter of his assistant. I never give the names of the these supposed ancestors in my stories, and I won't spell them out here either. I dance around it quite a bit in the Foreward, so if you are familiar with the series in question, it should be quite obvious. If you are not familiar, more's the shame for you as they are very entertaining novels.

By the way, for some unknown reason, this server is not allowing me to post the script to allow comments.


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