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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Republican Desperation 

Here we are in the midst of a primary election, and the Ohio GOP is blowing their wad on trying to cherry pick who they will run against. With Ted Strickland running for governor his position in Congress is open and three democrats are running for the position. One, Charlie Wilson, is running as a write-in, and the GOP is so frantic that they are actually running a smear campaign against him already rather than let his opponents on the democratic ticket do it or them. And to make things even more embarrassing for them, on one of the ads, they piggy-back the lame "too-liberal" tactic against one of Wilson's rivals, Bob Carr. But since at this point in the game, the only people who can vote for or against Carr are democrats, I fail to see exactly how this is supposed to be helpful to them.

And then there's Ken Blackwell. This ego-maniac is actually running an ad touting how he spear-headed Ohio's anti-gay-marriage amendment campaign. Here he is - a black man - boasting about how he denied a civil right to a segment of society. It's sickening.

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