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Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Whorer! 

This week the righties are all a twitter over this story. Apparently, democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow's husband has admitted to having paid a hooker $150 for sex. Ho hum!

Here's the thing the GOoPers tend to miss when lambasting democrats for their picadillos. We dems are the party who says these things don't matter. Remember, it was the Republicans who crucified Clinton for getting a whitehouse hummer. We dems defended him, not because the hummer was the right thing to do, but because IT DOESN'T MATTER. Kennedy is one of our great heros, and he got laid all the time. Martin Luther King had sex with women to whom he was not married. We don't care. Our only issue is, are they doing their job?

On the other hand, the GOP is constantly blathering about family values and decency and how homo-sexuality should be criminalized and shunned and how our sinful ways are destroying our country. Meanwhile, they are having sex with men in restrooms. Meanwhile, they are corrupting white-house pages. Meanwhile, they are being found dead having suffocated themselves in wetsuits while trying to felate themselves (actually happened).

But just doing these things alone - as shameful and disgusting as they are - wouldn't be an indictment on the party except that rather than acknowledge the hypocricy, they feebly try to point the finger at the dems who have NEVER publicly called for a boycott on "abhorent" sex, and say it's all somehow our fault for being lax on morality.

It's idiotic.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My "Yes, We Can!" Remix 

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