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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Must Read 

100 Facts and 1 Opinion

If you read nothing else this election, read the article linked above.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

FOIA Update 

I got a reply to my FOIA request the other day. It's been forwarded on to another department. They sent it on October 6. I don't know if that means the 20 day grace period starts over from there or not. I'm calling tomorrow to find out.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Damn, I wish I'd Said That 

Vote For Bush:
Unless You Want a Better and Stronger America
I don’t dislike the president. I want to make that clear. He’s probably a good guy; and I, like most Americans, would probably enjoy having a beer with him. But the reality is, he’s not coming to Toronto to have a beer. Neither candidate is. What he is doing is irreparable damage to this country. Terrorism is on the rise, the ecology is on the decline and Europe is quickly emerging as a single government under the European Union, and it is a union that doesn’t like us. The time has come to acknowledge that America is on the wrong course. It's not an issue of Republican or Democratic pride. It's not a time for being "resolute." Change is needed, or the great "American Experiment" will soon fail.
Gotta love Humbleo!



Tuesday, October 19, 2004

And Doncha Come Back No More 

The Washington Monthly

Kevin gives us this quote from Paul:
However, when an "action is reported by the 9xx PTIs" it represents a "loss to the Air Force strength." In other words, despite the fact that Bush had almost eight months left on his six year Military Service Obligation at the time, Texas Air National Guard officers were signaling that Bush was essentially worthless to the Air Force, and should not even be retained in the "Ready Reserves" for call up in the event of a national emergency.
This is about a snippet from the recently released Bush TANG release form where there is a line reading, "AUTH: ANGR 36-05 (PTI 961)."

Paul continues:
The fact that Bush was discharged from the Texas Air National Guard under a Personnel Transaction Identifier used to denote a reduction in total Air Force strength means Bush was considered not merely “useless” under present circumstances, but of no possible use to the Air Force at any point in the future. PTI 961 meant that Bush was unfit for service in the United States Armed Forces, and that there was no point in keeping him around in case of a national emergency.
In other words, it means he was "UNDESIRABLE." This should bode well for my FOIA request.



Soros v Arnie 

There's been a lot of talk about a Constitutional amendment allowing foreign born citizens to run for President. Of course, most of the support for this is from morons who want Schwarzenegger to be able to run. Want to end the debate? Show those who support the idea this picture:



Monday, October 18, 2004

Unintentional Parody Perhaps? 

Yes Bush Can

I don't know if this site is for real or not. It doesn't say anywhere on the front page or anywhere else that I can find that it is a parody group, so I am assuming they are 100% legit, but if so, why would they send me of all people, this email?
RatherGate proved that bloggers are the best fact checkers. That is why we are writing to a few bloggers asking for help.

Yes Bush Can has collected several documents that are clearly suspect.

But we need your help to prove they are fake:

Let's spring to action before these documents needlessly tarnish the reputation of our Commander and Chief (sic). You know the drill: analyze the handwriting, search for factual errors, and post your discoveries.

And keep us posted by sending email to FakeDocs@yesbushcan.com.

Thanks in advance for your help.
At the site we find such luscious documents as Dick Cheney's DUI and Bush's two DUIs. Also we find two memos to Ken Lay and the declassified bin Laden PDBs. Now given that Condoleeza Rice testified that these are authentic and the administration declassified them, I have no idea how anyone could think they would be able to debunk them.

Sadly, they even have the Bush twins' citation for possession of alcohol up to be "debunked." The accompanying note reads:
It must be fake: This is clearly a liberal media snow job on these poor girls.
I mean come on, this has to be a parody. Right? Please?

UPDATE: Okay, after viewing the Patriot Pledge page, I am convinced, this is a parody site, and a damn good one.
I volunteer to send my children to fight for America in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or anywhere else President George W. Bush deems necessary.
Now that's good stuff.



Yes or No? 

Yahoo! News - Eighty-Five Nations Back Population Agenda
The United States has refused to join 85 other heads of state and government in signing a statement that endorsed a 10-year-old U.N. plan to ensure every woman's right to education, health care, and choice about having children.

President Bush's administration withheld its signature because the statement included a reference to "sexual rights."

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kelly Ryan wrote to organizers of the statement that that the United States was committed to the Cairo plan of 1994 and "to the empowerment of women and the need to promote women's fullest enjoyment of universal human rights."

"The United States is unable, however, to endorse the world leaders' statement," Ryan said, because it "includes the concept of 'sexual rights,' a term that has no agreed definition in the international community."
All I have to say about this is one thing:
Well, it's pretty simple when they say: Are you for (an issue)? Yes or no?



Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Catch Phrase Dilema 

Topic of Terror Overshadowing All Others (washingtonpost.com)
As Bush has often done, both speakers also condemned a vote Kerry cast against Bush's request for $87 billion for military and reconstruction spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cheney said Kerry "does not seem to understand the first obligation of a commander in chief -- and that is to support American troops in combat."

Kerry voted for an alternative version of the bill that would have funded some of the spending by raising taxes on incomes greater than $312,000. For his part, Bush had vowed to veto a version of the bill that passed that would have converted half of the Iraq rebuilding plan into a loan. (Empahsis mine: Mister)
Okay, either I had forgotten this, or I never knew it. Why has the Kerry campaign not been using this to counter the GOP smear machine? Could it be that there is no easy pithy descriptive way to make this point?

Well, if that's the problem, let's fix it. How about this?
My opponent, the president, has gotten a lot of milage out of my having said that I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it. But are you aware that this president - who has never used the power of veto even once - was fully prepared to veto the whole fucking thing because he prefered to just give your money away? So what's worse, that I voted for that more fiscally responsible bill or that Chimpy would have vetoed funding the troops at all? Actually, what's worse is that so far, they've only used $1 billion of the money they're accusing me of trying to deny to our military.
Yeah, that should do it.



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