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Monday, November 28, 2005

Something Else I Found on Tbogg 

Here. I found this infinitly entertaining. It's a website by a bunch of beligerent Christians. Talk about an oxy-moron.

Look, Christians, please feel free to pray. I don't care. But I choose not to. Is that so hard for you to understand? I and the millions like me who live in this country but are not religious have the same right to be free from religion that you and your religion have to be free from any interference by us. We don't care if you pray in the mall or in the school or in the mall or at work. We just don't want you praying at us. Or for that matter for us, but we can't and won't stop you if you do.

Get the fuck over yourselves.

Monday Morning Idiot Watch; So Sue ME, It's Monday Evening Edition 

I didn't feel like reading any right wing crap this week. Luckily, Tbogg did!

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