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Saturday, April 02, 2005

More Overlord 

Chapters four, five and six are now available Online. This brings us to the halfway point of the story. I have also added links to the bottom of each chapter bringing the reader to the next chapter in sequence. For some reason, I cannot place a function doing this in the template. All that I can do there is bring you to previous chapters (posts.) Consequently, I had to manually include the links to consecutive chapters.

Holy Shit 

Okay, okay, the pope is dead. I get it already. So what else happened today for Christ's sake?

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Taste Is Subjective, Ain't It? 

Pope Dope

The gap-toothed, 46-year-old mom of two went as a nun, while her wide-eyed, 36-year-old husband, Guy Ritchie, strutted through the doors as the pope.

Both of them were dripping in crucifixes on Holy Thursday, just three days before Christianity's most sacred holiday, Easter.

But it was Ritchie's gold-trimmed white garb and matching skullcap that drew the most ire of Catholic leaders, who were incensed over his timing, considering that Pope John Paul II's worldwide flock is in grief over his poor health.

"Her husband suggests that he's just as depraved as his wife," said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League.
Actually, if you ask me, he's not dressed as THE pope; he's dressed as A pope. To tell the truth, he looks more like Pious XII to me. Saying he's dressed as John Paul II is like saying that Madonna is dressed as Mother Teresa. And as anyone can see, she looks more like Mary Tyler-Moore from "Change of Habit."

In fact, if you want to talk bad taste, what the fuck is up with that headline? Pope Dope? I mean, come on NYP - WTF?

More Saga 

Now, you can read chapters two and three. How lucky do YOU feel right about now, huh?

Monday, March 28, 2005

Available Soon 

Preorder your copy of Heart of the Beholder today! It should be a great movie. Plus I make about $2 for each copy sold through this link.

The Saga Begins 

Chapter One of Overlord is now available Online. Enjoy.

Happy Dinghus Day 

While traveling several years ago, I found myself in Southbend, Indiana on the day after Easter. Apparently, in large Polish communities in the US, the day following lent is called Dinghus Day, and it is celebrated by the large scale consumption of Polish Sausages and hard-boiled eggs. This, too me, makes more sense than celebrating the day BEFORE lent, which is the rationale behind Carnival and Mardi Gras. However, eating gas inducing poulry and hog by-products is not exactly my idea of a celebration.

Still, it beats the shit out of the preceding 40 day run up to the most depressing of high holidays on the Gregorian calendar. Have an egg on me.

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