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Saturday, April 02, 2005

More Overlord 

Chapters four, five and six are now available Online. This brings us to the halfway point of the story. I have also added links to the bottom of each chapter bringing the reader to the next chapter in sequence. For some reason, I cannot place a function doing this in the template. All that I can do there is bring you to previous chapters (posts.) Consequently, I had to manually include the links to consecutive chapters.
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Re; the above comment

It was deleted for commenting on something that has nothing to do wit hthe topic. Part of the comment said, "Your book sucks too." That part was permissable, but the rest of the comment was out of line, and I cannot edit posts. I can only delete them.
I would also note that the anonymous poster also has in all liklihood not even read the book. His/her visit to the site lasted less than six minutes, so unless he/she is a graduate of Evelyn Wood, he/she has no idea what the story is even about.
Maybe they left after 6 minutes because your book was so boring.

You have the nerve to compare yourself to the writers of Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade, Ellery Queen, Nero Wolfe, Perry Mason and Stephanie Plum mysteries?
Is that supposed to be constructive? And I didn't compare myself to anyone quality-wise. Just mentioning others in the genre, asshole. Besides, I doubt that you know the first thing about half of those characters.
I was not the anonymous poster who's posts were deleted.

I read some of your book. It is lame, in my opinion.

You may not like my review of your writing (and you seem to be a bit testy), but you know nothing about my knowledge of these charcters, and it is presumptous of you to think so.

If you can't take true criticizim, you shouldn't read what people post about your writing.
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The preceding post was deleted because it was the smae as the post before it. People who are too stupid to avoid double posting should kindly refrain from posting at all.
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