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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Melarky Museum 

Museum exhibits a creationist viewpoint
At first glance, with its research-quality replicas and lush dioramas of prehistoric Earth, the Museum of Earth History, which opened in April in this Victorian spa town, may seem like any other facility devoted to dinosaurs and fossils. But with exhibits aligned with the Bible's six days of creation, it also is emblematic of the increasing volume in the national debate over how evolution should be taught in public schools and the emboldening of those who oppose or question evolution.


Most visitors to the Museum of Earth History prefer the explanation in Genesis. And that is exactly what the museum, a joint project of the non-profit, Oklahoma-based Creation Truth Foundation and Eureka Springs' Great Passion Play outdoor Bible theme park, offers.

Suspended overhead in one display, for example, is a replica of a Pteranodon, a pointy-headed flying reptile with a 33-foot wingspan, hollow bones and a bony ruffle on its skull. Visitors are told: "Each of these unique design features indicate that Pteranodons were created to fly, not that they slowly evolved into flying creatures."
If your planning to make the trip to Arkansas, may I suggest the following other museums also found in the region:

The Santa Claus Museum

The Voodoo Museum

New Mexico-
The International UFO Museum

Bob's Ghost Museum

And while you are exploring these museums for things that aren't actually real, maybe you can also locate a museum dedicated to Hussein's WMD or Karl Rove's integrity.

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