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Monday, November 28, 2005

Something Else I Found on Tbogg 

Here. I found this infinitly entertaining. It's a website by a bunch of beligerent Christians. Talk about an oxy-moron.

Look, Christians, please feel free to pray. I don't care. But I choose not to. Is that so hard for you to understand? I and the millions like me who live in this country but are not religious have the same right to be free from religion that you and your religion have to be free from any interference by us. We don't care if you pray in the mall or in the school or in the mall or at work. We just don't want you praying at us. Or for that matter for us, but we can't and won't stop you if you do.

Get the fuck over yourselves.
Since you do not believe in free speech (since several of my posts contadicting your lies have been deleted! gues you need your biased view ONLY) we can assume you are a Communist in liberal clothing.

Let me read a few of your spewings to check that......

Yes, you are. You are proposing the ideals of Marx's communist Manifesto in virtually all your views. You add in a lot of pitiful whining (a clear indication you are most likely in a pitiful relationship, a pitiful job, or otherwise live a miserable life)and a great deal of distortion of facts, cherry-picking of sentences, taking things out of contect, making false accusations that you fail to substantiate, ignoring the real facts, and outright lying.
I delete posts only when they vere off topic into vitriolic personal attacks on myself. Feel free to attack my opinions all you like. But my love life, my job, and anything else about me is going to be deleted.

In fact, I should delete the post above. It has nothing whatever to do with the topic at hand. But I'm going to leave it stand as an example of how right winger trolls are completely without relevence.
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