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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

And Doncha Come Back No More 

The Washington Monthly

Kevin gives us this quote from Paul:
However, when an "action is reported by the 9xx PTIs" it represents a "loss to the Air Force strength." In other words, despite the fact that Bush had almost eight months left on his six year Military Service Obligation at the time, Texas Air National Guard officers were signaling that Bush was essentially worthless to the Air Force, and should not even be retained in the "Ready Reserves" for call up in the event of a national emergency.
This is about a snippet from the recently released Bush TANG release form where there is a line reading, "AUTH: ANGR 36-05 (PTI 961)."

Paul continues:
The fact that Bush was discharged from the Texas Air National Guard under a Personnel Transaction Identifier used to denote a reduction in total Air Force strength means Bush was considered not merely “useless” under present circumstances, but of no possible use to the Air Force at any point in the future. PTI 961 meant that Bush was unfit for service in the United States Armed Forces, and that there was no point in keeping him around in case of a national emergency.
In other words, it means he was "UNDESIRABLE." This should bode well for my FOIA request.


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