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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Damn, I wish I'd Said That 

Vote For Bush:
Unless You Want a Better and Stronger America
I don’t dislike the president. I want to make that clear. He’s probably a good guy; and I, like most Americans, would probably enjoy having a beer with him. But the reality is, he’s not coming to Toronto to have a beer. Neither candidate is. What he is doing is irreparable damage to this country. Terrorism is on the rise, the ecology is on the decline and Europe is quickly emerging as a single government under the European Union, and it is a union that doesn’t like us. The time has come to acknowledge that America is on the wrong course. It's not an issue of Republican or Democratic pride. It's not a time for being "resolute." Change is needed, or the great "American Experiment" will soon fail.
Gotta love Humbleo!


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