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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

According to this story in the English paper, The Daily Telegraph, Larry Flint, porn publisher and free speech advocate extraordinary, plans to publish a book alleging that president Bush in his youth, arranged for an abortion for his then girlfriend. Let me just say that I wish he wouldn't.

In my opinion, this could easily back-fire and do more damage to the democratic nominee than it will do to Bush. These are not the heady days of the Clinton administration when exposing GOP hypocrites like Newt Gingrich could do no more damage to the lead democrat than he had already done to himself. This could actually be seen by many as a response designed to deflect attention from that despicable Drudge lie. Kerry, after all, already has a reputation as a Lothario. And many people are already aware that Bush actually used to be pro-choice. And if they weren't aware before, the publication of this book will certainly bring that fact out. And Bush can waffle again by noting that his wife is pro-choice and that he had even considered a pro-choice running mate at one point.

There is also the possibility that nobody will believe the story. For whatever reason, the conservatives tend to be much better at benefiting from sleazy politics, and even if this story is true (which I am not saying that it is - and I'm not saying that it isn't), there is no denying that the reason that it is being brought to the fore is sleazy.

Look, I want rid of Bush as much as the next guy, but the simple fact is this. If you are pro-life you won't care that Bush paid for an abortion. And if you are pro-choice, you know Bush's current position, and it suits your agenda so it is the only thing you care about. In hyping this story, we democrats have nothing to gain and everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING - to lose.

Please, Larry, reconsider. |
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