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Thursday, February 26, 2004

On Second Thought 

CNN.com - Democratic candidates blast Greenspan comments

Greenspan warned a House committee Wednesday that growing federal budget deficits and the retirement of Baby Boomers will require future cuts in Social Security and Medicare to avoid tax increases that would damage the economy. Since that population will begin to draw Social Security benefits within the decade, he said Congress has a "reasonably short" time to head off a crisis.

After taking some time to reconsider this, perhaps we democrats can think of a way to make this work for us. After all, what Greenspan seems to actually be saying is that he supports the continued Bush tax cuts for the temporary relief they may represent for the economy. He also seems to be saying that the long-term harm of this short-term benefit is only a peripheral concern. Of course, if you look at the guy, you can see that this is probably because he will be dead long before the damage catches up to us.

So, as the party who opposes the tax cuts, we now have the voice of fiscal conservatism basically coming out and saying the-future-be-damned, the present needs a fix. Bush has already tried to distance himself from this vision of his tax-cut program, but the damage has been done. The word is out.

Hey kids, you know that SSN money they take out of your check every week? Well, because Bush cut your boss' taxes so that he could buy a new boat and collect even more dividends on his Evinrude/Johnson stock, that money you put in for your future is now going to be used to pay off the debt. The president thinks it would be a good idea for you to also start investing in stocks which may or may not be worth anything by the time you retire -- if you ever get to retire that is.

By the way, 9/11, terrorism and the freedom to marry whoever you choose is bad. Vote republican.
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