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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Laos-ing It Up. 

Yahoo! News - US plan to grant trade privilege to Laos may fizzle out again
The Bush administration's plans to grant special trade privileges to Laos may fizzle out again in Congress where a growing number of legislators are demanding the tiny Southeast Asian nation be sanctioned for alleged rights abuses.

Spearheading the effort to deny Laos the "normal trade relations" status is a member of President George W. Bush's Republican party who is proposing legislation on "the urgent need for freedom, democratic reform and international monitoring of elections, human rights and religious liberty" in that country.

Congressman Dan Burton sent a note Thursday to the House of Representatives seeking an urgent meeting to discuss the legislation amid claims by rights groups that the Lao military was practising "Kosovo-like" ethnic cleansing on rebel and civilian minority groups.
So lets see if I've got this straight. Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Burmese sweat shops, and Laos are okay by Bush, but somehow Spain is appeasing terrorists by electing a government that plans to be honest and consistent in the fight against corruption and terrorism. Okay, got it.

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