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Friday, March 05, 2004

The Poll's Okay; The Headline Sucks. 

Yahoo! News - AP Poll Finds Bush, Kerry Tied in Race

Let's look at this poll, shall we?

First, the poll shows Kerry gradually gaining on Bush even before he was the nominee, but even more significantly, the poll gives 6% to Nader. Surely those 6% are not drawn from the pool of Bush supporters, no matter what Republican Virgil Ahlberg of Apison, Tenn. says. So the question becomes, is Nader a spoiler, and my answer is no.

No for several reasons. A - it's still early. B - Nader will not even be on the ballot in all fifty states. C - Nader has suggested himself that he may pull out if it looks like his candidacy is going to benefit Bush (although I'm not sure that we can take him at his word for that one.)

Nader is supposedly making a statement with his candidacy (although I'll be darned if I can figure out what that statement is.) Perhaps those who - in polls today - claim that they plan to support Nader are also making a statement. But if they want rid of Bush, come election day, they better understand that the only statement that is going to count is the statement that they are pulling the Kerry lever.

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