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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Super Tuesday 

Well, it's finally here. Once again Super Tuesday has come and again there is almost no real reason to vote in the party nominating system as it is a foregone conclusion already. Oh well, at least Ohio is not New Jersey. Actually, that is a sentiment I could express for several reasons, but in this case it is just because New Jersey votes on the last date in the primaries.

As you are by now surely aware, my candidate, Howard Dean, has dropped out of the race. He is, however, still on the ballot in Ohio. I intend to vote for him today. I realize that my vote for him will not help garner him the nomination. It will, however, potentially help him to garner delegates, although it probably won’t even do that.

The thing is, my reasons for supporting his candidacy are all still in play. My vote would do nothing for Kerry, and I see no reason to support Edwards over Kerry or vice versa. However, my Dean vote may just demonstrate my disappointment with the way our system allows the vote to be manipulated. After all, this is just a primary vote in a decision which has mostly already been made by other states than Ohio. I certainly wouldn’t advocate "wasting" a vote in the general election, but today is my chance to let Iowa know that I think they got it wrong.

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