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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

1971 My Ass 

Daily Kos || SCLM strikes again
Check out the cover of the current issue of U.S. News & World Report:

The headline reads:
1971 The Way They Were: A Defining Year in the Lives of John Kerry and George W. Bush.
Screw 1971! What about 1968?

According to Mother Jones, in 1968, Kerry was promoted to Lieutenant, arrived in Vietnam and was awarded his first purple heart. Meanwhile, also in 1968, Bush was getting ready to graduate Yale which would have meant the end of his deferment, so he took an Air Force Officer's test and scored a meager 25% in the pilot aptitude portion. It's also the year that he declared on his enlistment form that he did not want to serve overseas. He then jumped to the top of the waiting list for a position in the Texas Air National Guard with the help of Texas House Speaker Ben Barnes. Bush then performed basic training and was immediately placed in inactive duty "to act as gopher on Florida Senator Edward J. Gurney's campaign."

Yep, 1968. The year I started Kindergarten. That's the defining year in the lives of John Kerry and George W. Bush.


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