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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Freepers Make Such Useful Idiots 

CNN.com - IAEA: Iraq nuke plants apparently unguarded - Apr 16, 2004
Some Iraqi nuclear facilities appear to be unguarded, and radioactive materials are being taken out of the country, the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog agency reported after reviewing satellite images and equipment that has turned up in European scrapyards.
When this story broke a few days ago, it blew my mind, but I chalked it up to oversight. However, somebody recently brought this eleven month-old Free Republic article to my attention:

Iraq looters exposed to radioactive yellow cake
Iraq-Villagers looted a nuclear power facility here during the waning days of the war and instead of treasure, may have made off with death-drums filled with radioactive uranium oxide concentrate, also called yellow cake.

According to officials with the Iraq nuclear energy commission, the storage facility at Zafaraniya was guarded by Iraqi troops until April 4. However, they fled in the face of approaching U.S. Marines.

With the arrival of the Marines, the Zafaraniya facility was nominally under control of U.S. forces. However no special guards were posted and residents of a neighboring village looted the facility on April 6 and 7.
If this is still going on after this story - which was widely broadcast at the time - it isn't simply attributable to oversight any longer. It's outright negligence.

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