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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Fun With Fractles 

MyDD :: Fractal Map
This image, done by proportional representation of voting population in the electoral college, rather than landsize, best shows the closeness of the 2000 election (from The Nation Divided: Shifting Shades, by the WaPost).

Okay, that shows how the electoral college turned out in 2001 after the USSC finished with it. But the other day, I posted a fantasy of mine wherein Bush wins all of his Y2K states except one, and Kerry wins all of Gore's 2000 states plus Ohio. In my fantasy, it's a landslide for Bush in all the states he wins, and it's close in all states Kerry wins. And the clincher is Ohio, which Kerry wins by 535 votes.


Here's how that would look:

But actually, due to reassignment of some electors after the 2000 census, the actual tallies would now be Bush 258 Kerry 280.


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