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Saturday, April 24, 2004

How Ironic is This? 

According to most recent polls, Bush leads Kerry in the popular vote.
Graphic from pollingreport.com

Polls show Kerry ahead on electoral vote - (United Press International):

Ahh, sweet sweet irony.

So if the election were held today, the possibility exists that more Americans would vote for Bush, but John Kerry would become the 44th president of the United states. And he wouldn't even need the supreme court in his pocket to make it happen. It's a slam dunk.
The Hotline's study of reputable statewide polls conducted since January 1, 2004, has Kerry holding an overall lead in 13 states containing 204 electoral votes. President George W. Bush is currently leading in 16 states and has a total of 174 electoral votes out of the 270 necessary for election.
But this is what would be even sweeter. If Bush was to win every state he won in 2000 (except one) by a huge margin, but lose every state Gore won in 2000 by just a few votes AND if he were to lose Ohio by 535 votes. Yeah, that would be cool.

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