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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Iran and N. Korea to Bush; Nyeh Nyeh 

"As I've said in my speeches, every situation requires a different response and a different analysis, and so in Iran there is no question they're in danger, but the international community is now trying to convince Iran to get rid of its nuclear weapons program. And on the Korean peninsula, now the United States and China, along with South Korea and Japan and Russia, are sending a clear message to Kim Jung Il, if you are interested in a different relationship, disclose and destroy your program in a transparent way.

"In other words, the policy of this administration is to be — is to be clear and straightforward and to be realistic about the different threats that we face." -- Geoge W. Bush -- NBC's "Meet the Press" with Tim Russert
Transcript for Feb. 8
N. Korea Nuclear Estimate To Rise (washingtonpost.com)
With Democrat John F. Kerry's presidential campaign planning to highlight the dangers of nuclear proliferation, the leap in Pyongyang's nuclear capabilities during President Bush's tenure could leave the administration vulnerable to charges that it has mishandled the North Korea crisis. Experts said an arsenal of eight weapons means that North Korea could use its weapons to attack neighbors, instead of merely deterring a possible attack.
CNN.com - Iran 'rushing to build nuke bomb' - Apr 27, 2004
The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) says in a summary of its findings that Iran is rushing to complete a first nuclear bomb in "between one and two years."
State of the Union Address, Tuesday, January 20, 2004; 9:10 PM
Different threats require different strategies. Along with nations in the region, we are insisting that North Korea eliminate its nuclear program. America and the international community are demanding that Iran meet its commitments and not develop nuclear weapons. America is committed to keeping the world's most dangerous weapons out of the hands of the world's most dangerous regimes.
The Bush Doctrine has failed.


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