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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Not Unforgiving Enough Maybe? 

Blogs for Bush: Comment on Rotten Tomatoes: The Kerry / Kos Connection Oh, the hypocricy of the right. If you look at this thread of comments from the Blogs for Bush website, you will see a deleted post at 10:06 pm. That was my post. Now, look at the bottom of the page and you will see this disclaimer:
Comments are moderated.

Blogs For Bush reserves the right to delete comments we deem inappropriate. Please keep comments on-topic. Remember, varying opinions are welcome, and no comment will be deleted solely for presenting an opposing view. {Ed. note: emphasis mine.}
Here is what I wrote - word for word and completely unedited:
kos was wrong, but he does not speak for the entire liberal world on this issue - or any issue for that matter. And despite his having been wrong, he is entitled to this one mistake.

Other bloggers on the left have criticized him, and he has lost a few advertisers. But to say that his opinion on this demonstrates that he has no regard for the military men and women at risk in Iraq is to totally misunderstand the point that he was making. Close to 600 American soldiers are dead and thousands have been injured. Thousands more Iraqi civilians have paid the ultimate price for Bush's folly. Kos was distressed that so much more attention was being paid to the deaths of four highly paid mercenaries who were there because they wanted to be.

Does that make their deaths okay? Of course not. Does it make Kos' choice of words all right? Absolutely not. Should kos come forward with a sincere and complete apology? You bet. But should he be snubbed by liberals to appease conservative PC? No!
There is a bulleted list of reasons for deletion in the FAQ.
• Anonymous comments, and/or comments posted without a valid e-mail address. {Ed. note: I used a pseudonym, but does anyone really think "Oak Leaf" is his real name?}
• Demeaning comments towards a member of the Blogs For Bush Team or another person leaving a comment.
• Deliberately off-topic or nonsensical comments.
• Multiple postings of the same comment in various comment threads.
• Comments with a gratuitous amount of objectionable words or that constitute flaming.
• Comments containing links to objectionable material.
• Comments made questioning the comment policy or the moderators for enforcing the policy. All questions on the comment policy should be sent to the Moderator.
• Comments reported to a member of Blogs for Bush as being inappropriate or offensive.
• Unnecessary contiguous comments in the same thread will either be edited or deleted.
• Comments considered libelous or offensive.
• Any comments considered to be troll activity.
• ...and other comments we deem inappropriate for the site.
Those were reasonable enough. So which one was I in violation of? They called me a troll, but come on - what trolling? Do they want a discussion or just a ditto-head reunion?

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