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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Nyeh Nyeh, Told Ya So 

The Truth About 'the Wall' (washingtonpost.com) by Jamie S. Gorelick:
Fourth, the memo I wrote in March 1995 -- which concerns information-sharing in two particular cases, including the original World Trade Center bombing -- permits freer coordination between intelligence and criminal investigators than was subsequently permitted by the 1995 guidelines or the 2001 Thompson memo.
Hey that's what I said.
Friday, April 16, 2004 Posted by: Mister / 2:29 AM

Banging Your Heart Against Some Mad Bugger’s Wall
"The Gorelick rules were meant to ensure that "no 'proactive' investigative efforts or technical coverages" of terrorist suspects be carried out on U.S. soil."
But the actual wording of the memo belies this criticism.
If, in the case of the FCI investigation, facts or circumstances are developed that reasonably indicate that a significant federal crime has been, is being, or may be commited, the FBI and OIPR are each responsible for notifying the USAO and the Criminal Division.
Man, I'm like a genius or something. Either that or I have an average ability to read English, and normal comprehension levels. Sheesh, she should not even have to explain herself. This is so obvious.

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