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Monday, April 05, 2004

THE Question 

If ever there is a Bush/Kerry debate, here is the question I want somebody to ask.
Gentlemen, supposing you lose the election, do you feel that your opponent will do a sufficient job in continuing the war on terror?
When the question goes to Kerry, he can afford to be gracious. He can say something like:
My opponent has tried very hard in the war on terror. Polls show that a majority of Americans feel that he has done a satisfactory job. Who am I to dispute that?
And then the question goes to Bush. What's a boy to do? Does he say that Kerry would not keep America safe? A three-time purple heart winner? A man who two republican congressmen have said cannot be called weak on defense? Or does he admit that Kerry would probably do at least as good a job as he did, thus contradicting his own campaign ads?

Either way, the press the next day would have a field day with the answer finally stirring a national discussion which can only debunk the central focus of Bush's platform. Kerry is better on all domestic issues, he's better at foreign relations, and he is at least as good or better on national defense.

Kerry in a landslide.

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