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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Seeing the Light, but Maybe Still Blind 

This post from Political Animal leaves me a little dubious.
On Saturday I mentioned that I had seen an uptick in my mail from Republicans who have finally had enough and no longer support George Bush. As a followup, I thought I'd share some of the comments to that post. You can decide for yourself how seriously to take them:
He goes on to list seven bulleted blurbed examples, including this one:
• Ev: "My profoundly Catholic, conservative father-in-law told me he will not be voting for Bush this time, and it's because of Iraq. He says he likes Bush, but the problem is the 'bunch he brought in with him.'"
That's neither an endorsement of Kerry nor a nod to the liberal POV. Such a person might vote for Kerry to get rid of Bush, but they won't be happy with their choice. And they won't vote for Kerry's reelection or for a democrat challenger in 2008 should Shrub (shudder) win this election.

Sure, their vote is needed and appreciated, but it's fleeting.

And another thing. How many of these votes are counter-balanced by former liberals shifting allegiances because of the whole war/patriotism thing the republicans have so successfully co-opted? Granted, in my own experience, I can't think of any; but perhaps my experience is limited.
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