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Sunday, April 25, 2004


Yahoo! News - Bush: Family Privacy Trumps Photos' Value:
President Bush considers the release of photographs of flag-draped military coffins a reminder of the fallen troops' sacrifice, but believes family privacy should be respected, the White House said.
The story contains some of the images. I challenge anyone to tell me which families' privacy was interfered with by these images. All they are is coffin-shaped flags. Totally anonymous. Suggesting that this is a privacy issue is like saying that the tomb of the unknown soldier interferes with the privacy rights of the family of the soldier who is buried there.

We have now lost 700 brave men and women in Iraq. I say it honors them to show their pictures. The only person it dishonors is the boob who thinks not showing the pictures will keep us from remembering that it was his mistakes that led to their deaths.

Well, here are many of their pictures, and a reminder of whom is ultimately responsible.

Image from Photomatt.net

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