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Saturday, April 17, 2004

W=What T=The 

He's no Zell Miller, but Charlie Rangel is becomming more and more of an embarrassment. The guy is smart, articulate and liberal as the day is long, and yet first he promotes a very wrong-headed suggestion to reinstate the draft, and then this which I learned about via Eschaton:
The event was accepted by True Parents as representative of all states. The awards luncheon was held at the “Windows Over Harlem” in the State Building with 350 in attendance. The Honorable Congressman Charles B. Rangel was given the “Leadership and Good Governance for Peace Award”. The “Living for World Peace” Award recipients were the Rev. Dr. Charles Kenyatta, Honorable Una Clarke, Honorable Dr. Roy Hastick. Also in attendance were Dr. and Mrs. Wyatt Tee Walker, Assemblywoman Geraldine Daniels, Bronx and Manhattan Borough President representatives and a host of dignatiries, clergy and public officials.
(Emphasis mine)

This was a function of the reverand Moon's Unification church. Now, being the recipient of such an award is not in itself a bad thing. But did Rangel have to do this?

I'm with Atrios. WTF?
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