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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Canada is Just a Little Bit North of Youngstown 

Yahoo! News - Bush Talks Health Care in Youngstown:
Locked in a tight race with John Kerry in Ohio, President Bush on Tuesday promoted his administration's record on health care for the low-income and uninsured in a Democratic stronghold.
"This is part of the safety net, a wise expenditure of taxpayers' money," the president said. "We're trying to get up to serving 16 million people." The president said the health centers are cost-efficient alternatives to unnecessary visits to hospital emergency rooms.
You know what is even more cost effective? PREMPTIVE healthcare. Something that governments which offer universal healthcare often if not always realize. But Bush and the republicans don't want to get that point. And why would that be? Oh, yeah, I remember.

Because they are boobs!


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