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Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Day After Gas Out 

Yesterday I promised to give the figures on today's gas sales. As I noted yesterday, the sales seemed to be about $400 down from the previous two Wednesdays. However, if there had been a surge the day before or the day after, I noted that this would not actually represent a loss, so it would mean that the boycott had had no impact.

On Thursday, May 6 we did $2575.68 in gas sales. The following week on the 13th our sales were $3111.15. Today's sales were $2684.27 so there was clearly no surge this week. So I'm going to go with a $400 loss due to the boycott. However, this only translates to about a 16.66% loss for one day.

However, another point that should be raised is this. When I went in to work today, gas prices had actually risen 7%. Yesterday, unleaded was $1.999 per gallon. Today, it's $2.149 a gallon. So much for the impact of the boycott.


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