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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Gas Out Day 

Don't Buy Gas on May 19th - Netlore Archive

As it happens, I work as an assistant manager at a convenience store that sells gasoline. I checked the records for the past two Wednesdays and found that on May 5, we sold $2382.60 and on the 12th, we sold $2428.30. Today, the day of the national boycott, we sold $2014.70. So we are about $400.00 down for the day.

I wondered if maybe the difference was made up yesterday, so I checked the last three Tuesdays. On May 4, we sold $2452.60, and on May 11, we sold $2699.12. Yesterday, we sold $2696.46. So it does not look like we had a surge yesterday. I'll let you know if we have a surge tomorrow. Of course, these are purely anecdotal and unscientific results.


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