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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Honesty Is Such a Lonely Word 

Bush bid to keep Iraq abuse secret:
The US government is trying its best to keep secret the policies it has developed for the interrogation of the detainees in Iraq and elsewhere, also shielding the intelligence officials responsible for the abuse of prisoners in Abu Ghraib, a media report said Sunday.

"The Bush Administration is doing its best to keep secret the policies it has developed for handling foreign prisoners and to stifle Congressional examination of the issue," The Washington Post writes in an editorial on the Prisoners' abuse. Rules for the interrogation of detainees, said the paper, used to be published in widely available Army manuals.

But the Bush Administration has classified the procedures it has approved for the Guantanamo Bay prison, Afghanistan and Iraq-even though it claims that they are in compliance with the Geneva Conventions.
But, umm, the Geneva conventions AREN'T freakin' classified. If you're in compliance with something that's transparent, why make your actions opaque? Unless maybe you're lying about being in compliance.


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