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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I Tell Ya, Sibel is the Key 

The Village Voice: Nation: Mondo Washington: This Made Ashcroft Gag by James Ridgeway

I have been on a personal campaign to get someone in the mainstream media to talk with Sibel Edmonds. The Village Voice is nice, but it ain't CNN, ABC, NBC or even Fox. Come on people, this shit is important!
Among the Farsi translators working for the FBI, she said, it was common knowledge that a longtime, highly regarded FBI "asset" placed in Afghanistan told the agency in April 2001 that he had information from his contacts there that bin Laden was planning a major attack, involving the use of planes, in one or another of big American cities—Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York among them. The agents who took down the information from the spy wrote up reports and sent them to their superiors. That was the last the agents heard of the matter.

Edmonds said she had heard the details of the Afghan asset story in an unclassified meeting at the Capitol, but she cannot talk about the specifics because of a Justice Department gag order that classifies as secret what she has to say.

She said, however, that "there are a lot of activities in the U.S. A lot of money . . . and these activities involve money laundering, drugs, a support network for terrorism . . . people in high places . . . [people] in the political arena."
Between this, Chalabi, Plame and Abu Ghraib, there is enough scandal to impeach a dozen presidents. Why is Bush still f**king up my country?


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