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Monday, May 10, 2004

Libya's Americafication 

EU shock as Libya sentences six to death
Libya ties, which seemed last week to be blossoming suffered a major setback yesterday when a Libyan court sentenced five Bulgarian and one Palestinian aid worker to death, in spite of EU calls for their trial to be reviewed.

The EU has expressed its concern and outrage at the verdict. In a statement issued last night, Commission President Romano Prodi said he was deeply disappointed by the ruling.
Bush has been so eager to promote Libya's forward momentum as a gleaming example of his success that one would think that Libya has been remade in our mold. Well, the fact that they have disregard for European public opinion could offer support for that philosophy, I suppose.

Oh, and just why were these aid workers put on trial?
The six have been charged with deliberately infecting around 400 Libyan children with the HIV virus.
Scientific evidence to the contrary be damned! Bush must be so proud.


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