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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Nader Raider 

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Kerry Woos Nader, Who Deems Him 'Very Presidential'
Faced with growing concerns about Ralph Nader's potential to siphon off Democratic votes, John Kerry began a forceful but delicate effort on Wednesday to win over the man whose candidacy caused so much trouble for the Democratic nominee four years ago.

Mr. Kerry did not ask him to abandon the race, and Mr. Nader showed no signs of bowing out. But Mr. Kerry's wooing did seem to be having the desired effect already. In an interview immediately after what participants called a very friendly one-hour meeting at Mr. Kerry's headquarters, Mr. Nader called Mr. Kerry "very presidential," fondly recalled his antiwar leadership in the 1970's, praised his skills as a politician and quite favorably compared Mr. Kerry to Vice President Al Gore.
Nader might as well have said, "Shit, I'd vote for him."
Mr. Nader said he did raise with Mr. Kerry his desire to be included in any presidential debates, and said Mr. Kerry was noncommittal.
Now, see, that I'd like to see. A debate with two guys beating up on Bush. How could that be a bad thing?


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