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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Observations on Nightline's "The Fallen" 

I just finished watching the Nightline program of Ted Koppel reading the names of the American fallen. Over 700 names read without commentary, and it took him over a half hour to get through them all.

Who will read these names?

Yahoo! News - AP Toll Says 1,361 Iraqis Killed in April
Official and complete death counts for Iraqis nationwide are unavailable. But a count by The Associated Press found that around 1,361 Iraqis were killed from April 1 to April 30 — 10 times the figure of at least 136 U.S. troops who died during the same period.
A few observations of note on the ABC program. I was watching the Pittsburgh feed from channel 4 (not owned by Sinclair broadcasting, thankfully) and the second commercial break included Bush's ad where he accuses Kerry of voting against defense programs. Now, aside from the fact that the ad is a lie, I wonder if the Bush people did this intentionally. If they did, it was callously brazen. If not, if it was a simple case of a block-time buy, somebody at WTAE either had their head up their ass or had an agenda to push. Ad placement is not random. I know. I've worked in the media. For example, in print media, you have to always be careful not to run coupons on the back of one another on opposite non-facing pages. And you never, never run an ad for strip joints on the same page as the Sunday sermon listings.

To me, this felt like an ad for a den of iniquity being run on the obits page.


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