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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Time to Go 

Yahoo! News - U.S.: Berg Had Been Advised to Leave Iraq:
Nick Berg, 26, of West Chester, Pa., was never under U.S. custody despite claims from his family, coalition spokesman Dan Senor said Wednesday.
I ain't buyin' this bill o' goods for one little minute. You want to talk disgusting? The government is now trying to say that Berg's murder was his own fault.

Impeach Bush now.

Up till this point, I have not been a proponent of pulling out of Iraq. I have felt that it was a mess of our own making and that we should stay to fix it. However, if this is the tactic that this administration is going to use, then they have no regard at all for the sanctity of life, whether it be Iraqi OR American. All they care about is their agenda.

The situation has been getting worse, and I have been patient in the hope that it was perhaps somehow salvageable. It is not. If we leave, there will be hard times for Iraq. It's true. But if we stay there will be times just as hard or harder. And terrorism globally will escalate.

Now I'm going to agree with those calling for our withdrawal, bring the Americans home. Bring them home, and impeach Bush today!


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