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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Veep Watch 

MyDD :: Kerry campaign leaks VP short-list
According to Bloomberg, Kerry has narrowed his VP list to a very safe, very predictable five:

Wesley Clark
John Edwards
Dick Gephardt
Bob Graham
Tom Vilsack
Okay, so no Max Cleland. So now apparently, I have to redo my picks. I don't know enough about Tom Vilsack. He's the governor of Iowa and a former lawyer. He seems okay, and if he has any strength it is that he is generally unknown; which makes it harder to define and attack him. But I think it is better to have a power-player on the ticket. We don't need to spend a month introducing our VP candidate right now.

Bob Graham is too old. We criticized Reagan and Cheney for that. And Graham didn't perform well in the primaries either so he's out.

Same goes for Gephardt.

That leaves Edwards and Clarke. One thing that both Edwards and Clarke have going for them is that they are both southerners, which is good for a balanced ticket. But of the two, for second-banana, I prefer Clarke.

Clarke has been on the record saying that he was not running for Vice President, but he also left the door open when he said that he would do whatever he could to help the ticket. And he's a Washington outsider, which is okay for vice president.

Edwards has the opposite problem from Graham(pa) and Gephardt. He's maybe too green. Plus, we don't need two Washington insiders on the ticket. So from these five, I'm going with Clarke.

So, with no further ado, here is my revised cabinet suggestion list:

President John Kerry
VP Wes Clarke
National Security Advisor Max Cleland
Deputy to the National Security Advisor Rand Beers
Sec. of State Lt. General Claudia Kennedy
Chief of Staff Gary Hart
Sec. of Homeland Security Al Gore
Sec. of Defense Leon Fuerth
Deputy Secretary of Defense Joe Wilson
Co-Deputy Secretary of Defense Karen Kwiatkowski
Attorney General John Edwards
Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin
Surgeon General Howard Dean
EPA Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Fed Chair Paul Krugman

That was easy.


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