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Friday, May 21, 2004

What a Boob! 

Wait till you hear what Bush did now.

Yahoo! News - Bush Grants Pardons, Commutes Sentences:
President Bush has granted full pardons to five people, including one South Carolina man who died last year.
Wait, that's not it. I know you think that's it, and it could be. But it's not.
Other pardons were granted to:

_Paul Jude Donnici of Kansas City, Mo., for a 1993 conviction for using a telephone to transmit wagering information.

_Charles E. Hamilton of Bellevue, Wash., for a 1989 mail fraud conviction.

_Kenneth Lynn Norris of Yukon, Okla., for a 1993 conviction for illegal disposal of hazardous waste. (Emphasis mine, Mister)
THAT'S it.


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