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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Coming Home 

TheKCRAChannel.com - News - Body Of Fallen Tracy Soldier Comes Home
The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq summoned news outlets to photograph her son's flag-draped casket arriving at Sacramento International Airport to protest a Pentagon policy banning media coverage of America's war dead.

Nearly a dozen reporters, photographers and television crews watched as the coffin of Army Sgt. Patrick McCaffrey, 34, was transferred to a hearse outside an airport cargo terminal shortly before midnight Sunday, officials said.

"I feel empty, hurt, numb," his mother, Nadia McCaffrey, told the Los Angeles Times. "I am not angry, I am not revengeful. I'm just hurt that my son's life is gone, and they should stop what they're doing."
Here is another story about this, and a picture of the returning fallen.

Here is the thing about this situation. There is no good reason to hide these pictures. If you are worried that they will be used to sway opinion against the war, then you must be worried that the war is improper.


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