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Sunday, June 13, 2004

He Flips! 

The New York Times > National > U.S. to Drop Benefit Cuts Linked to Drug Discounts
The Bush administration said Saturday that it would rescind a federal policy that threatened to cut food stamp benefits for several million low-income elderly and disabled people who save money on their medicines by using the new Medicare drug discount cards.

The administration's reversal came two days before President Bush was scheduled to visit Missouri to promote use of the cards, which have received a tepid reaction from many Medicare beneficiaries.

In interviews this week, state officials across the country said low-income people who used the cards could find their food stamp benefits reduced as a result. The cuts, they said, were a direct result of federal regulations and a policy statement issued by the Agriculture Department on March 10.

The purpose of the discount cards is to reduce out-of-pocket drug costs. But when a person's drug expenses go down, state officials said, the food stamp program assumes that the person has more money available to spend on other needs, including food. So the person may receive a smaller food stamp allotment, they said.
So first Bush is opposed to extending both food stamps and medicare benefits to the elderly, and then he's for it.

Actually, this is the right thing to do, but come on .. look at the timing. Even so, I give the administration credit for acknowledging their error, even if technically they didn't actually acknowledge anything. But it's still a flip-flop by the Bush definition of flip-floppery. So nyeh!


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