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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Hussein's Nefarious Ties to ... The Dutch? 

The United Nations has determined that Saddam Hussein shipped weapons of mass destruction components as well as medium-range ballistic missiles before, during and after the U.S.-led war against Iraq in 2003.

The UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission briefed the Security Council on new findings that could help trace the whereabouts of Saddam's missile and WMD program.

The briefing contained satellite photographs that demonstrated the speed with which Saddam dismantled his missile and WMD sites before and during the war. Council members were shown photographs of a ballistic missile site outside Baghdad in May 2003, and then saw a satellite image of the same location in February 2004, in which facilities had disappeared.
Why is it that none of the mainstream sources are carrying this story?

Oh, wait, I know why. Because it's a non-story. Like the Sarin shell and the mustard gas shells and the mobile chemical labs. Hussein scrapped his weapons and some of the old junk wound up in foreign countries. And which foreign countries were they? Turkey (a coalition member,) The Netherlands (another coalition member,) and Jordan (a longtime US ally that would have been a coalition member if not for the way the US had cozied up to Chalabi.)

Hey, right-wing, wake me if you find any real WMD in say Iraq or Iran or Syria or Lebanon or even North Korea. After all, that's where you had said it was headed. Remember?


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