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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Stay Away From The Brown Acid Purple Kool Aid Nader Petitioners 

Daily Kos || OH-pres: ARG poll

Kos brings up a very interesting observation.
Most Ohio polls recently have given Bush a tiny lead in the state. The lone holdout is ARG, which for the second month confirms a sizeable 6-point lead for Kerry. Of course, the poll omits Nader, which may account for the difference.
American Research Group. 6/23. MoE 4%. (5/12 results)

Kerry 49 (49)
Bush 43 (42)
Here is the thing about this. We don't even know for sure that Nader will be on the Ohio ballot. According to this Fox news article, neither the reform nor Green parties has ballot access in Ohio, so their endorsements alone would mean nothing. But Nader is working toward getting Ohio ballot access.

According to Election Projection, Ohio is currently a weak red state and the national electoral vote is tied. Meanwhile, Electoral-vote.com has Ohio as a weak blue state and Kerry is winning nationally.

The inescapable conclusion is that Nader absolutely has the potential to be a spoiler this year again. If not for Nader, Kerry would have this election in the bag. And we all know that he's our best hope of getting rid of Bush. Come on, Naderites. Get with the program. And if you live in Ohio, DO NOT SIGN THE PETITION!


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