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Friday, July 16, 2004

Do We Allawi This? (Bad Pun)  

Outside The Beltway : Allawi Shooting Insurgents?
Via e-mail I find that Eschaton has found several reports in Australian sources that interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi personally shot some accused insurgents.
But unfortunately, somehow the writer doesn't also find that according to Eschaton, the Rev. Moon's right-wing journal, the Washington Times, also has the story.
While I disagree with the characterization at Eschaton and Rooftop Report that this incident--if actually true-- makes Allawi tantamount to "another Saddam," it's certainly disturbing. Saddam tortured and killed innocent people; these people are mass murderers who are causing misery for average Iraqis. I have no problem with the execution of the insurgents; goodness knows they deserve it.
...if they are guilty and not wrongfully accused. He forgot that part.
But it's customary to hold trials first once they're in custody.
...of course, that is just a formality?
Certainly, in Arab culture, shooting mass murderers wouldn't exactly hurt his standing.
That's a pretty ignorant thing to say about Arab culture. Also, it mises the boat. The point is not how this will make Allawi appear to his supporters. The point is how this makes the US look for having backed this guy. We picked Hussein because he was a strongman type too, remember?


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