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Friday, July 23, 2004

Does the Name Fawn Hall Ring a Bell? 

One Sandy Berger and a side of lies on The Review Appeal
Stuffing classified documents in his socks, his pants, his coat pockets, Sandy Berger, the former Clinton national security adviser, is in serious trouble. He has admitted taking classified documents from the National Archives prior to the 9/11 Commission’s investigation into the intelligence breakdown that led to the attacks.
What this After-Action Review apparently reveals is the fact that al-Qaida cells penetrated America during Berger’s watch and the Clinton administration did relatively little about it. This runs contrary to what the former president and his close advisers have been telling us.
Okay, so apparently, the Republicans believe that if an underling pilfers documents by secreting them out of their proper location shoved in somebody’s undergarments, and then "disappears" those documents, this is an indictment of that underling's boss.

The fact is that the 9/11 Commission members have stated categorically that there was nothing in those missing papers that they hadn't seen before, and that besides there were copies. So obviously, this wasn't done as an obfuscation.

But since the Right is now on record saying that this behavior as they have described it is unforgivable, one has to ask if this applies to other situations in the past where the Right was not so quick to demonize either the party who did the purloining of documents and the destruction of same,
nor were they even willing to entertain the idea that his boss might be in any way culpable.
Worse still is the suggestion that John Kerry might be in some way involved.
Two Republican senators yesterday demanded presidential candidate John Kerry explain the role of Sandy Berger in his campaign, following revelations the Justice Department is investigating the former national security adviser for taking highly classified documents related to the Sept. 11 terrorism investigation out of the National Archives.
This is patently ridiculous. Some accusations work, others are simply idiotic. Let's apply the Miller Analogies model to these comparisons, shall we?
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It's a stretch, but this analogy works. However:
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Oh, I don't know. Maybe:


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