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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Finally, An Interview - Sort Of 

The Village Voice: Nation: Mondo Washington: Speechless by James Ridgeway
Among other things Edmonds told her FBI superiors, she had discovered that Melek Can Dickerson affixed Edmonds's name to a printout of inaccurate translations. Properly translated, she says, these wiretaps revealed a Turkish intelligence operative in communication with his spies in both the Pentagon and the State Department.

When Edmonds tried to tell her FBI superiors what was going on, the bureau seized her home computer, gave her a lie detector test (which she later found she passed), and then fired her, warning her not to talk—backing that up by following her around in an open and intimidating surveillance. That didn't stop her. She went to the Senate Judiciary Committee and told her story. The committee's then chair, Vermont's Patrick Leahy, and ranking minority member Charles Grassley of Iowa wrote a letter to Justice demanding to know what was going on. Subsequently the FBI confirmed some of Edmonds's claims.
The story is in no way Earth shattering as it is just a retread of the same old news in the same old source. However, this time there is video!

(photo: Oorlagh George)

Sibel can be seen in a two minute discussion over what-looks-like lunch with Daniel Ellsburg of White Papers fame. I'd love to report on what they said to each other, but my fucking Windows Media Player has a glitch and my audio is not working. If I could open with something other than Windows Media, I could get the audio, but the Voice does not have a change-player option.

Oh, well, at least I got to see how animated she is.


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