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Saturday, July 10, 2004

More Gas Escaping Boortz's Head 

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This has to be a big bummer for The Poodle and his new running mate. Despite all of the talk about a bounce in the polls after naming the supposedly charismatic John Edwards to his ticket, it has had the exact opposite effect: President Bush's poll numbers have actually gone up. Think about that for a minute - after the media onslaught...the non-stop shilling by the media for the DNC...and still, nothing. Depression is sure to follow.

The latest poll by The Associated Press says President Bush has taken the lead in a national poll over The Poodle, 49 to 45 percent.
Boortz is a f&*%ing liar. Every other major poll this week has Kerry in the lead. Time, Zogby, CBS, NBC, and ARG all put Kerry in the lead. And the AP poll has Nader in it, but it is looking more and more like Nader's race is done. Also, statistically, Bush's lead in that poll is within the MoE.

One last point, the polling began before Kerry anounced Edwards. There has not been a true post announcement poll released yet.

Neal Boortz, Republican shill and liar.


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